Friday, December 23, 2011

Some Happy & Some Sad…

The happy first… Our Christmas season has been a little bit insane. When Benjamin got home from basic training he immediately proposed to Samantha Doney and they set a wedding date for December 20th. Mom, Sam and everyone who has been asked to help have been planning a wedding. Ben and Sam got sealed on 12/20/11 at the Logan Temple. It was a very nice sealing. We took a few pictures outside the Temple and then went to an LDS Church house for a luncheon with both families. Just to be honest I totally fell apart that day. Don’t get me wrong I was so happy for Ben and Sam and felt awful that I wasn’t more cheerful, but I was missing Gabriel so much. I wanted him there running around in his little suit and tie matching David and Isaac. I was rude (I did apologize) and sad and really struggling. David and I left and headed home to Utah around 5 and I continued to fall apart. I suppose with the stress of driving to Idaho so frequently and this upcoming holiday without Gabriel and etc. I just wasn’t doing so well.

On Wednesday I decided I needed a little alone time so I told David that I was going to do a session at the Temple. I went to the 5pm session and it ended around 6:30 then I just sat in the peace of the Celestial room and soaked in comfort of my Father in Heaven and my Savior. While I was there I thought about the last time I’d been in that Temple. It was June 5th 1998 when I was sealed to my sweetheart. So much has changed since then.

Wedding_day2 (Medium)  IMG_2772 (Medium) Ben & Sams Wedding

So the first picture is at David and I’s Wedding. That is what my family consisted of, of course adding David & my parents. The second picture is what our family consists of now, of course adding Gabie in. Crazy how much we grew in the last 13.5 years. Ben was 5 when we got married, we actually got married on his 5th birthday. And now Benjamin has a beautiful wife of his own. I’m very proud of him and glad to have another sister in law.

So now for the sad… In April my Uncle David found out that he had cancer. He’s fought very hard and has had time to say his goodbyes to his loved ones and they’ve had time to adjust to thought of loosing him. But today when my mom called to tell me that Uncle David has left this earthly life, I knew that although they had time to adjust and say goodbye their hearts will still be broken and heavy with sadness for a long time. I’m glad my Uncle David is no longer hurting but my heart aches for my aunt and cousins whose heart ache is just now beginning. I’ll pray that they’ll have comfort and support during this difficult time. I hope they all know how much they are loved and that the gospel brings them the comfort they need as their hearts try to heal.

Uncle David & Aunt Marilyenn
Aunt Marilyenn & Uncle David ( I Love you both and your family so much)

Now just because I need to write this down before I forget here are a couple Isaacisms:

  1. David and Isaac were playing a xbox game the other day and I walk into the room and this is what I hear.
    Isaac: You are going to be dead til next week. ( He’s really loving having his dads attention and playing games with him this holiday break, although I think we may have to be careful or we’re gonna have a major gamer on our hands.)
  2. Background first: We’ve been watching a lot of Cake Boss lately. David and I are learning new tricks and the kids love the cakes. Isaac LOVES cake especially the frosting. So last night while watching another Cake Boss Isaac was in the kitchen with his sisters and I hear him tell them “That guys is gonna get a lot of presents this year.” Katie: “Why?” Isaac: “Because he’s so nice, he makes lots of people cakes everyday. He’s been very very good and Santa will bring him lots of presents.”
  3. One more Isaac told David tonight while playing a game. “my controller is getting sweaty, I think when this controller gets sweaty it is time to get off the game.” (sounds like good logic to me)

So that is just some silliness going on here at our house this Christmas break.

I hope you all are having a Merry Christmas and if you happen to remember my Uncle David’s family in your prayers I know they’d greatly appreciate it.

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