Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas..

Today has been a wonderful Christmas. The kids were up and ready to go at 6:00 but we didn’t start until 6:30. It only took them a 1/2 hour to open all their gifts. Then we got ready for church and went to a wonderful Sacrament. Two girls from our ward sang O Holy Night and it was absolutely beautiful it brought tears to my eyes and the spirit in the meeting was so strong. After Sacrament we came home since there was only one hour of church today. The kids started playing with their gifts and David started playing one of his new games. I had a nice talk with Chet and hope to talk to all my siblings and David’s throughout the rest of the day. I was surprised at myself this morning, I’ve made it through the day so far without any tears of sadness. I still miss not having Gabie here but the hurt isn’t bad today. I’m very thankful for that peace and comfort that I have.

This year we decided to only give the kids 3 gifts each from David and I to represent the 3 gifts Jesus got from the wise men. Of course Santa still came and brought them each a gift and they all drew a name and traded amongst themselves. And they got gifts from Grandparents too. They all got their gifts from the Saville grandparents and will get gifts from Egley grandparents later this week. They really still made out. Even though I was trying really hard to not over do things this year.

So I’m still trying to figure out how to get good color pictures from my iphone so some of these aren’t great but they will still recorded our memories this year.

Christmas Day (36)

Katie got a Mountain bike from Santa, a make up kit from Jenna, a slightly used ipod touch, water color painting kit & lotion and perfume from David and I. She also got candy in her stocking and a Moroni pin along with a few other things. And a Young Women's CD from Grandma and Grandpa Saville.






Christmas Day (44)

Madison got a digital camera from Santa, a tinker bell outfit for her dolls from Isaac, two tinker bell dolls, a scooter & bubble bath from David and I. Then a Jenny Oaks Baker CD from Grandma and Grandpa Saville. Also lots of treats in her stocking and a few odds and ends like lotion and a bracelet charm.






Christmas Day (40)

Jenna got a Kitchen set from Santa, a house robe and slippers, a strawberry shortcake doll and an outfit from David and I. Bubble bath from Madison. A CTR ring from Grandma & Grandpa Saville. A fresh water pearl necklace in her stocking along with treats and lotion like the other girls.






Christmas Day (34)

Isaac got an Electric Hot Wheels race track from Santa. A Captain America figure, a nerf sword and a Batman hoodie from David and I. A Nerf Thor hammer from Katie and Grandma and Grandpa Saville got him the same Captain America we got him so we’ll be exchanging one of them. He got a tron toy and an Iron man toy in his stocking along with all his treats.





Christmas Day (23)

This is the remainder of what was received. I got my gifts early the picture and an iphone 4s. David got a new pocket watch, an Xbox game and a pc game that I’m sure I’ll regret buying him when he’s glued to the computer. I also got some chocolates as did David. Gary and Colleen bought us the skillet (we just picked one up for ourselves last week, that’s what we get for buying things for ourselves around Christmas, we’ll exchange one) We also got Year 7 part one of Harry Potter and three Xbox games for the family. David and Elizabeth sent us some fun looking card games which we’re excited to try. The kids also got the Fablehaven series I hope they love those books as much as I did.

We also got this wonderful willow tree figure from the Walsh family in California. It is called Heart of Gold and Jack’s mom and great grandma sent it to us. We love it and we love them.

Christmas Day (46)

We plan on eating a great meal later on with Turkey David’s been brining and I made my moms homemade crescent rolls and several deserts. We’ll add a vegetable and some sweet potatoes and have leftovers all week.

Here are the rest of my pictures.I haven’t figured out how to remove the white eyes after I take them off my phone so that’s something I need to work on. In the pictures I’ve added a few of David playing with the train we inherited from his parents and some of the pictures of this kids while watching The Christmas Carol yesterday. They were pretty nervous during the entire movie.

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