Thursday, December 15, 2011

Madison Turned 10!!

So yes I’m slow at getting Madison’s birthday post up but better late than never, right?

On the 13th my Madison went from a single digit age to a double digit. She is now 10 years old. Like I’ve said many times before and I’m sure I’ll say many times to come, my kids are growing up way too fast!!

On Sunday night I mixed up Madison’s cake, it is a new recipe we wanted to try. It is the vanilla pound cake that Buddy The Cake Boss uses. I don’t really like the flavor but it was a good dense cake for David to carve. So we froze it then carved it and then froze it again. On Monday I made homemade fondant. This was new too it was just marshmallow crème and powdered sugar. When David got home he and I decorated the cake together with Madison and Katie’s input. It turned out just how Madison had wanted it too and looked pretty good if I do say so myself. The only downfall is now David really likes working with the fondant and so I’m sure I’ll be stuck making it from now on. Minus Isaac’s cakes because Isaac loves the regular frosting and explicitly told his dad that he was NOT to put fondant on his birthday cake.

Madison's 10th B-day (19)

Then the cake was stored it the fridge until Tuesday.

On Tuesday night once David got home we had dinner that Madison chose. Pork chops, Mashed potatoes and peas, (also my favorite). Then we opened gifts. Madison received:

  • A Pink Robe and Slippers
  • An outfit from Old Navy
  • A purse with a mini sewing kit, & sunglasses
  • Nail polish and the little toe separators
  • A Shirt, Tank top and necklace from Grandma & Grandpa Egley
  • A card and $2 bill from Grandma & Grandpa Saville
  • Books 5 – 15 of The Guardian’s of Ga’hoole (Madison is my reader)

So yes she was spoiled once again like every year. I believe she had a great birthday and even got calls from friends in Idaho and really enjoyed talking to them.


  1. Love the slippers!! I have some they are my favorite. Also, that cake looks amazing. I wish I had talent like that. I hope you all are doing well and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Love the Burton's.