Friday, December 9, 2011

HOPE Smiling BRIGHTLY Christmas Give Away…

So my wonderful friend and a personal Hero of mine is doing a Christmas Give Away on her blog for all her readers. It is an awesome give away and I wanted to spread the news for 2 reasons (1) because I love Molly and she is an amazing and inspiring woman. That anyone would benefit from getting to know. (2) Because it’ll give me a better chance in this great Christmas Give Away.

Seriously I can’t say enough wonderful things about the Jackson Family. Molly is my guide on so many days on how to handle the grief of losing my Gabriel. Molly is honest about her heart ache and has shown me that it’s ok to really pour out all those feelings. I know Molly better than her sweetheart Vic because she blogs more but I know in my heart that Vic has a heart of gold. That he loves his family so dearly and is a great man. Then there is little Peter who is so dang cute. I love seeing posts about Peter. And of course there is sweet Lucy who went to live in Heaven and has made her mother such an inspirational women who is devoted to helping families like us who loose our children far to early.

So EVERYONE go here and here and read all about Lucy and her wonderful family. And entire to win these great gifts while you’re at it.

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