Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Tree for Gabriel

This year I was struggling because I hadn’t had any time to get anything Christmassy put at Gabriel’s resting place. So yesterday my wonderful parents went and picked up a small Christmas tree and then today went and put it all decorated on my sweet babies grave. This is something David and I are truly thankful for, a family who cares so much for us and will help us with even the smallest things that comfort us. We will leave the tree until we’re in Idaho this week and then bring it home. Next year hopefully I’ll be more on the ball and get it decorated early and have it there for a few days before Christmas.

Gabriel's Christmas Tree (1)Gabriel's Christmas Tree (2)

The little angel baby was an ornament from my Grandma Easters Christmas tree. I remember seeing it when I was little. Then to make the tree more Gabie mom added the snowflakes with Lightening McQueen on them. I just love it and love my mom and dad for doing this great service for us.

Gabriel's Christmas Tree (3)

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  1. That is very special. I am glad that your parents could put this together for you. Wishing you peace and comfort this time of year. Love Mary Adams