Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Picture Update..

Went to Breaking Dawn with my mom and my Sisters on the Egley side. We haven’t had a girls day out in a very long time and never with Sam (Ben’s FiancĂ©). We all had a great time and are thankful to the Dad’s for “Babysitting”.

Breaking Dawn (Medium)

We took Katie to Texas Roadhouse for her Birthday and she brought Cassidy Burt. They made her sit on a saddle while the entire restaurant said happy birthday and then she had to yell a big YeeHaw (she was embarrassed, but did a good job). We were lucky and had our good friend Lela Miller be our Waitress she was excellent by the way. It was a fun evening, Grandma and Grandpa Saville joined us too.

Katie's 12th Birthday (1) (Medium) Katie's 12th Birthday (3) (Medium)

You may remember in this post I mentioned how much I loved this last picture I had of all my kiddos. Well in one of my comments my good friend Ashley said, “And I LOVE that picture of the 5 of them. I hope it's framed :) So neat you have pictures with all of your kids.” I of course realized right then that I didn’t have a copy of it framed but I wanted one. So yesterday I picked up a 16x20 print from Costco and took it directly to Hobby Lobby to have it Matted and Framed. This will be a Christmas gift to me (sorry to my sweetheart for taking all his fun away). I put the 8x10 of Jenna in the second picture to show the actual size of the frame.

The next picture down was a gift from David years ago and I LOVE IT! But while it was in storage in got some moisture in the frame and warped the matte and the picture a little bit. So I took it into Hobby Lobby and asked them to fix it. It wasn’t an easy task since the matte was glued to the picture but they took it anyway and did a wonderful job restoring it.

I can’t wait to get both of these beauties hung up.

My Christmas 2011 (1) (Medium) My Christmas 2011 (2) (Medium)My Christmas 2011 (3) (Medium)

The pictures below are of 4 of the Egley Grandkids sleeping at Grandma Egley’s on Thanksgiving and the other one is of how my younger children ride to Idaho.

sleeping at Grandmas (3) (Medium) sleeping in car (2) (Medium)

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