Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Post

The kids had a great Halloween this year. On Friday they went to a evening at the school called Hogwarts night. We ate hot dogs and chips and drank Butterbeer (which is cream soda with a creamy flavoring added to it, and it was really good). Then they bought wands and treats with Gallions and learned how to make slime. They also got sorted into Hogwarts houses they were all in Ravenclaw except Madison was in Slitheren. She wanted to know why and we all told her because she was clever and conniving. Both traits are accurate for her. The Hogwarts night was very impressive, a lot of people attended and I’m sure they did very well for the fundraiser but it was organized excellently. They made it possible to buy all your tickets early on their school website via paypal and then choose one of your children to bring the tickets and gallions home. I was impressed.

On Saturday night we stayed home and just relaxed and watched Captain America together. Sunday was a regular church day and then Monday was a bit crazy for me. At 8AM I dropped the kids off at school and then went home just long enough to go back at 9:30 and watch the schools Halloween parade. Then home again for about 20 minutes then back to pick up Isaac. Then home for a couple of hours until I went and got the girls. Then we had to do some grocery shopping and get ready for trick or treating. We don’t really know anyone here so we just followed our ward map and took the kids trick or treating to those neighborhoods. We came across a party in a cul-de-sac up on the hill and was introduced to several families in the ward that were serving Hot Chocolate, Hot Scones and Hot Chili. The kids got plenty of candy about a Gallon size bag each. When we got home we had Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese and sent the kids to bed.

It was a very successful first Halloween in Saratoga Springs I think.

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