Friday, November 11, 2011

Books From Gabe via Scholastic & Aunt Kayla

Books From Gabe- Scholastic Online Ordering 0ption

As Gabe’s aunt, and a teacher I thank you for finding it in your heart to contribute to such a wonderful cause. I have set up an account through Scholastic that allows anybody to easily contribute books. All you need to do is follow the steps below to place an order. The books will then be shipped to my classroom and I will get them to David and Amy to be delivered to thankful families on Gabe’s birthday. What is really great is that we earn a FREE book for the book drive every time an order is placed online. This means that if you order only one book, two get donated for Gabe.
Here's how it works:

  • SIGN UP at On the parent page, click the "Register" button in the "First Time Here?" section. Register for your own user name and password. When prompted, enter the one-time Class Activation Code GR8N4. This unique code ensures that your order is sent to me.
  • SELECT the books you'd like to order.
  • SEND your order to me online by the due date (depends on the catalog you are ordering from) and the books will be delivered directly to my classroom.

Ordering through Scholastic online is fast, easy, and secure. You may email me with any questions at
Thank you so much,

The Saville Family


  1. I am SO in on this ... but remind me what were Gabe's favorite books. Do we know what other books were most popular from the last drive that the nurses might want again???

  2. Zoey,
    Gabe really loved board books with textures on them. And anything boyish. I really believe all books will be great since there are so many different ages of children receiving them. Thanks for you participation.

  3. Amy, I am so glad things went well! You are so amazing.