Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Baptism, Birthday Party, Blessing & Family Pictures

We had a very very busy weekend this last week. It was a wonderful weekend and we were able to spend time with all our local family members on both sides of the family. Who could really ask for more.

Saturday, November 5, 2011:
This day we started out our morning at Richard and Melinda’s getting ready for a Baptism. Jenna was Baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was a huge Stake Baptism day 11 children were Baptized and received the Holy Ghost. The Stake said it was a new record. Jenna was second and it was very emotional for David and I. We sang I Am A Child of God because they asked Jenna what her favorite song was and as happy as I was to be there I couldn’t stop thinking of the last time we were all together in that Chapel and listening to I Am A Child of God. I was sad that Gabie wasn’t with us on this wonderful day in body but I KNOW he was there in spirit.

Jenna’s actual Baptism came off great David always does well even when he’s choking back tears. I’m so proud to be his wife. Then we had the confirmation which was beautiful and in Jenna’s blessing Heavenly Father told Jenna she was surrounded by her family and loved ones on earth and those who had gone on to the spirit world especially her brother. I was very touch that her brother was mentioned specifically in her blessing, as were most of the people witnessing this wonderful blessing from her Father in Heaven.

We then had a nice luncheon with all the family and took some pictures and all went in our own directions to finish our Saturday.

Later on Saturday we ran errands, got Katie and Madison’s ears re-pierced and had a joint birthday party for Gary and Colleen Saville. Colleen turned 68 on November 6 and Gary will be 68 on November 14. We told Gary that we were having a surprise party for Colleen but didn’t tell him we were including him in the party. Colleen was very surprised! We had Costa Vida’s sweet pork made deliciously by Melinda and opened a few gifts. The grandkids had a great time decorating.

Sunday, November 6, 2011:
This day we left Richard and Melinda’s again and headed to the Lava Hot Springs LDS Church Building. We were able to be present when Grandpa Egley gave Paytin Ann Rae Egley a beautiful name and a blessing. Again it was so nice to be in church with all my siblings. I just love them all.

After the Blessing we headed to the farm where we changed and took some great family pictures. We also found out that there will probably be a wedding in the Egley Family on December 20. Ben hasn’t officially proposed to Samantha Doney but Mom, Stacy, Sam and Ben did plan a wedding. Then also took some engagement pictures. We’re excited to welcome Sam into the family.


  1. Tell miss Jenna congrats from the Burstedts! We were thinking of her on her big day and she looked beautiful! Great family pics!