Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October 3rd, 2011 A Day to Remember!!!

This morning David and I got up and got the kids off to school like normal except usually David isn’t here. David did some online training until 9am then we got ready and took Isaac to Jaymon Bates house to play for the day and we headed to Midvale Utah. We went to the First American Title Company and met our awesome Realtor Tom Kriefeldt, our amazing Lender Jeremy Coccimiglio and the Title agent. Then David signed a ton of papers and we got a very nice card from Tom and a card and Pitcher from Jeremy. We also got our new house in Saratoga Springs. We found out that even though we were extremely stressed out, or realtor and lender were even more stressed out. It turned out that there were actually more problems along the way than they even let us in on. They only told us things that we needed to help with and they handled all the rest. They both spoke for each other saying that if it hadn’t been for the other one and all of our team work we wouldn’t have gotten the house. Our Realtor wrote in his card that he needs to exercise more Faith in his life like we do. I really tried hard to exercise all the Faith I could muster but it was not easy. This is the pitcher our lender (Jeremy) gave us. He said for people who drink it’d make a great beer stein and one of his recent clients said he was going to fill it with a Margarita and just sit back and relax. If we were drinkers at this point I’d feel the same way.Lender Gift (1) (Medium) Well maybe the stress drinking would’ve been the last few weeks and now it’d be the celebratory drinking. Any way it was a nice gift and the picture doesn’t really give it justice. It really is a very nice heavy glass pitcher.

After we signed papers we went and did our final walk through of the house and asked our last few questions like. Did they find the dryer vent? Was it indeed stuccoed over? And where do we get our mail? The dryer vent is actually on the roof so that’s good. And we were sent to the Lehi post office for the mail question. The post office didn’t have our street on record so they didn’t know what to tell us. They’re going to figure it out and let us know. Until then they will hold our mail and we’ll have to go into Lehi to pick it up. We also stopped by the Sage Hills Grade School and gave the office our kids names and ages and picked up paperwork to get them all registered for school. We’ll probably do a tour and meet the teachers on Monday and start on Tuesday.

When we finally finished all the house stuff we headed to Logan Utah. Stacy had been in Labor and delivery since about 10am and we were still waiting for the arrival of Kaleb Bryce Egley. We had a nice drive home over Logan Canyon and right as we pulled into Logan Chet called and said Kaleb was here. We thanked Stacy for her impeccable timing so we didn’t have to sit around all night. We went and cuddled our new nephew for just a bit until the nurses were getting ready to move mama and baby to the recovering floor. Kaleb was 7lbs 15 oz and I think they said 20in long. He is a doll and looks quite a bit like his big brother Justin. Baby Kaleb 10-3-11 7lbs 15oz (6) (Medium)I’m sure Grandma Egley and his daddy will post much better pictures of him later this week but for now here’s a peek at Egley Grandbaby number 11. I adore all my nieces and nephews and it’s so nice to cuddle them and not be baby hungry anymore.

Then David and I headed home to Pocatello and got her at about 9:15pm so it’s been a very long day and here I am blogging at 12:21am. I know crazy but I just know that if I don’t write this down now I’ll not be able to sleep.

Tomorrow my list includes sign and send paper work to our new insurance agent, call and set up appointments for all our utilities at the new house. Go furniture hunting for a bedroom set for David and I and a new desk and TV Stand, also find a Refrigerator, garage door openers & a ladder to buy as well. I’ve forgotten how expensive it is to move even after the initial cost of the house. We will also be buying paper blinds to cover our windows until we find a good price on faux wood blinds to install. We will be on a hill above the entire neighborhood and don’t think they’d like to get to know us quit that well, if we had no blinds. Then I’ll start getting our stuff packed from here at Gary and Colleens and we’ll be ready to go.

We plan on loading the trailers on Saturday the 8th at 7:30am and getting to the house as early as possible. We’d love any help but I think with my and David’s family that’s coming we’ll manage if no one can make it or if it’s too early on a Saturday I totally get that too.

As an after thought I have a few random pictures I wanted to add too. These first two are how Isaac listened to
General Conference on Sunday afternoon.
Mummy Isaac (2) (Medium) Mummy Isaac (3) (Medium)
The rest are Madison, Jenna and Isaac playing with Taylor and Tanner Crowder on Sunday evening. They’ve had so much fun with them recently and I know will be really sad to leave them.
Saville and Crowder Kids (1) (Medium) Saville and Crowder Kids (2) (Medium)Saville and Crowder Kids (4) (Medium) Saville and Crowder Kids (11) (Medium)

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  1. Congratulations on your new house! I hope that the move goes well without major problems (minor ones will always come, right?)