Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Moving Post..

So I’m feeling really behind on my blog updates. I’m usually Johnny on the spot when it comes to updates. Who knew that moving into a new House in a new State was so time consuming. We’ve been so busy, I’m afraid when we get all moved in and organized I’m going to have a real homesick break down.

So Saturday the 8th we got up bright and early and started loading dad’s stock trailer and a enclosed trailer Chet borrowed from work. We had some awesome men from our Elders Quorum come to help us load and we were able to load, unload and reorganize and reload everything in about 1 hour. We’re truly thankful for our wonderful friends in the Holman Ward. We shed a few tears while saying our goodbyes and headed out. David, Madison, Jenna & Isaac went in David’s car and Katie and I took the Van since the back of the Van was packed to the roof. Mom and Dad we’re the first ones out of town then Chet and me. David mistakenly followed another silver van through town and once he realized it wasn’t me he caught up later on the freeway. We all made it safely to Saratoga Springs around 12:30am. Unloading went just as quickly since Mathew, Chet and Dad were excited to get done and visit Cabela’s. Also Melissa and Shannon came and helped us unload which was greatly appreciated. The rest of Saturday and then Sunday and Monday really are quite a blur. I can’t remember exactly what we did on those days except a lot of unpacking and semi organizing. Tuesday our Refrigerator was delivered so we did some grocery shopping yesterday. Also on Tuesday we took the kids to Sage Hills Elementary for a little tour and to drop off all our registration paperwork. I keep getting automated calls from Franklin Middle School telling me Katie has missed school so I need to call them and tell them to take her off their lists. On Monday we did order a new bedroom set for David and I and a TV Stand that will be delivered on the 19th. We also went to IKEA and bought a few things but mostly just looked at ideas for organizing everything here in the new house.

One major problem we’ve had is that our street does not exist. The post office had no record of it and didn’t know where to have us get out mail at. Every time we try to change our address on bills the online pages say address unknown and we have to call customer service. Yesterday we finally took a plat map to the Post Office and they told us that we need to install our own curbside mailbox. But really on all other maps we still do not exist. Also yesterday I tried to find music teachers for the girls and piano teachers in Saratoga Springs are few. It may be a while before we get Katie a new teacher. I have several names of Violin teachers but I’m waiting to call them until I get ahold of a couple of violinist’s the Bishop of our ward referred me to. As far as I know it looks as though our Violin monthly fee is going to double. I never knew how spoiled we were with Jen in our Ward to teach both girls and at an affordable rate.

Otherwise everything here in Saratoga Springs is going well. We have our Kitchen organized mostly and bedrooms too. All that is really left is décor, books and food storage. All of that still needs to go into the basement so we can park in the garage. We do still have to install garage door openers and a mailbox too. Maybe next week we’ll have time to look into some decorations. I’m really in no hurry to ding up the walls since they are so nice and new. Just to tack up a calendar and a clock in the Kitchen was oddly sad to do. Also so far I’ve only had one tiny Gabe related breakdown when I moved his meager two totes around and was greatly saddened that I didn’t have a whole bunch of stuff to move of his and that we weren’t shopping for bunk beds for our boys room. Otherwise I’ve been too busy to really fall apart, I hope it stays that way for awhile.

Anyway below I’ve added pictures from our moving day and a few pictures of our view out the back of the house. I also did a little video tour of the house but I’m warning you my camera doesn’t have a large view lens and I’m not the best at videoing so if your prone to motion sickness I would advise against watching the video.

We miss all you Pocatello peeps and are looking forward to visiting. Love Amy & Family


  1. Love the house!! Thanks for the video! I'm so happy that you are all finally together! Love ya tons!