Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jacob’s Ranch 2nd Ward First Impression

Today we went to just Sacrament at our new ward. When we got there immediately we saw how big this ward is. Then they announced that today was their Primary Program and they welcomed all the visitors. So it was a good Sunday for us to go and get a feel for the ward without really being noticed.

Last night we had talked about not going today and taking one more week off. But when David and I went to bed I started crying about all my mixed emotions in connection with going to a new ward. David decided we needed to go to at least Sacrament and partake of the Sacrament and the spirit.

I was struggling to feel the spirit because with 250 primary children the meeting was quite noisy. Nothing I can’t get used to just different. The Chapel, overflow and gym were full so I’m sure that played a role into the noise. The building layout is a lot like the Victory building in fact the Chapel looks just the same.

The Bishop got up to announce some new members in the ward and David and I both hoped we weren’t introduced just yet and we weren’t but two other families were. So I suppose since there are so many homes going in we will not be the only new family.

The Primary got up to do their program and the first song they sang was, If I Listen With My Heart and my girls started doing the sign language that Sister Johnson taught them and I started to cry. I’m sad that they won’t get to participate in the Holman Wards Primary Program. Of course the kids didn’t go up with the new primary since we are new and they don’t even know who their teachers are. I struggled to keep it together most of the rest of the meeting. The program was nice but it’s weird not knowing a single soul. Not long after I was crying Madison too was crying, she was missing Gabriel. Gabriel is one of the reason’s I was nervous to go to the new ward in the first place. This Sunday was actually ok but next Sunday when we go to all our meetings and have to introduce ourselves, it’s going to be hard. Sometimes I wish I could just become a hermit in my new house. Then the pain wouldn’t be so real in my own little comfort zone. But that’s not how things work and I’ll have to step out of that comfort zone sooner or later anyway so I suppose there is no need to wait it out.

Overall I do not have a negative first impression but a little bit overwhelmed first impression. We’ll see how next week goes.

Katie and Madison did see some kids from their school classes on the stand in the Primary so that’s good.

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  1. You will get to know people soon enough! Just look for the 'friendly' face and remember that you can do hard things!!!