Saturday, October 1, 2011


This week we’ve given everyone the news that we are moving for sure. We got final notice that we’ve been approved for our loan. We will be closing on our house in Saratoga Springs, UT on Monday October 3rd and we will be moving on Saturday October 8th.

Since we’ve had this information David and I had our Farwell party last week and this week Katie’s Primary teacher Mrs. Sherilyn Jensen took Katie and the girls in her class out to Craigo’s for dinner. Then they went to Scardino park and played until 8PM.

Katie took my camera and took several pictures of all of them on their outing.

Then last night Katie, Madison & Jenna had Adriana, Annalisa & Mariah Ferarra over and Cassidy Burt to play until later. The older girls play a new game we got called curses and had a lot of fun. The younger girls played Ghost in the Graveyard outside. They all had a great time.

We’ve been getting in as much play time with friends as we can lately. Isaac plays with Tanner Crowder almost everyday and Madison plays with Taylor Crowder too. Isaac had Jaymon Bates over last week and they had a lot of fun and plan to play again this week at Jaymon’s house. It’s so nice that all my kids have such wonderful friends to play with. I’m so glad that they’ve made lasting friends here and are spending as much time with them as they can before we go.

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  1. Loved all the pictures. I think Adri is going to have a really hard time with Katie leaving. They've all become really close this year. So glad they've had some great times though and when Katie comes to visit they'll have fun together. Akayla is still really close with friends from our old neighborhood 6 years later!