Saturday, October 1, 2011

General Conference Weekend

Today starts the weekend that comes twice a year for all LDS members and anyone else who is interested in learning about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We decided to try a new activity to keeps the kids interested in listening to the speakers. My sister in law did this last year and said her kids really enjoyed it.

We got 5 jars and put candy in them. We then labeled them with words for the kids to listen for. If they hear a speaker say any of these 5 words then they can get one candy from that jar. We’ve already learned a little about how to make this successful with just watching the first session. We’re going to change the rules so that they can’t eat their candy until the end of each session. Isaac got a few pieces of candy then said I’m don’t playing this game and I don’t want anymore candy so he excused himself to play in his room. Jenna wasn’t too far behind him. Madison did great the entire time and listened very carefully. Katie who is older and less interested in getting candy just left and I suppose figured if she didn’t want candy she didn’t have to listen. So next session the older two girls will be required to sit and listen whether they want candy or not. We’ll be a little more lenient with Jenna and Isaac since their attention span is so short and struggle to listen.

We also learned that small candies like m&m’s, candy corn and Hershey kisses are the best to use. When President Monson was talking about all the new Temples our Starbursts went pretty quickly until I told the kids they had, had enough for that talk. Then we put chocolate eyeballs in the Prophet jar. They are just too big and go too fast so next time we will do Reese’s Pieces instead and something else like Skittles for the Temple jar.

I guess we’ll see how the second session goes and see if we will want to continue this in 6 months or not.

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I requested cinnamon rolls today too. Gary was kind enough to mix up the dough and when it had raised I went and help him and mom put the butter, brown sugar, cinnamon & Crasins in them. I’m excited to snack on them later.

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  1. We like to add sweet and salty things, so it's more of a trail April I let them start a small bowl and then add to it and that seemed to keep their attention while they ate. Although, by the last session they were tired of candy. So, this year we only did four jars that we are rotating the treats and the subjects. That way they have to try a little harder to get the treat. We also use coloring pages that are available free on they can only listen for so long and that's okay :) Have a great weekend!