Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First Day at Sage Hills Elementary


First Day at Sage Hills (Medium)

So our new school schedule is different but I think it’ll be good. The kids start at 8:00AM, Isaac goes everyday and is done at 10:55. The girls are done at 2:15. Monday’s are  are still early release days so Isaac will be out at 10:25 and the girls at 1:25. There are also days they call Minimal Days and on those days Isaac will get out at 10:00 and the girls at 12:30. Although they told me that the Minimal Days are very infrequent.

Katie’s new teacher is Mr. Perkins and he is super tall and has bright red hair. Katie say’s he is fun but kinda boring. Katie made several new friends today but can only remember a few names. She loves that everyone seems to be Mormon and they do not swear. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming and there seems to be no cliques among the students. She said no one gets left out. She had a good first day.

Madison’s new teacher is Mrs. Dibb. Madison said she is very nice. Their class has a pet snake which I told her that if she ever touches it to wash her hand thoroughly before coming home and don’t tell me about it. Madison also made several friends but can only remember one name. Madison agreed with Katie on all counts of feeling welcome and she had a great first day too.

Jenna’s new teacher is Miss Dietz, she seems to be a younger teacher who is newer. That would be just normal for Jenna if that was the case. Jenna was a little hesitant and nervous. She didn’t tell me of any friends just yet but told me the girl who sits next to her is nice. Jenna takes more time to warm up to new people than Katie and Madison do so I’m sure she’ll began to like it better the more she goes. She said it was a good day but I think is still nervous.

Isaac’s teacher is Mrs. Ray who we haven’t met yet. She’s gone this week for her daughters wedding. I do like that the Kindergarteners have their own fenced playground and really do not mingle with the other ages of kids at all. Isaac said he has a “girl” friend who is funny just like him and there is a boy in his class named Tanner with a Green and Black Striped Shirt who got in trouble for touching someone else. He told me that their not supposed to touch other people and he did not get in trouble at all. He’s so easy going I’m sure he’ll fit right in and have a great time.

Something that totally through me for a loop.. I bought and saved all the supplies that Pocatello required for my kids and then took those supplies to school today to give to their teachers. Almost all of the supplies were sent home because the Teachers didn’t need them. They told me that Kindergarteners are never asked to bring supplies and all the other grades only ask for donation supplies but do not require anything. Next school year I should save some money on enrolling the kids in school. Yay!!

On my first day back to school in the sense that the kids were gone. I got the food storage organized downstairs after David set up the shelves. David and I organized the boxes and furniture that was still in the garage so we can find things we we need them and know where things are when we get ready to bring them inside. We’re waiting on our new furniture to decide where some things need to go. But I think once we get the garage door opener installed and move just a couple things I could park the van in the garage. It’ll be a little while before the car will fit though. I wasn’t thinking we needed a 3 car garage but today I’m very thankful for our 3 car garage. We organized all the yard equipment, chest freezer, tools and bikes into the 3rd car garage so once we finish unpacking the 2 car side will be completely ready for two cars.

We have flies everywhere and are really hating that!! Maybe when we’re done moving things in and out of the garage we won’t have so many and I think it’s gonna be dusty for a while since we have house’s going up all around us.


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