Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blinds, Décor and the beginning of Halloween

Yesterday was a busy day! Mom came down on Thursday and we started unpacking all the books and décor that was still sitting in the garage. Then yesterday we started decorating my walls while my wonderful husband hung blinds in all the rooms. We came to find out that the custom blinds I ordered for Isaac's room were too short so we’ll have to order another set but the good news is that they will fit in a down stairs window perfect so it’s not wasted money, thank goodness.

Decor (1) (Medium) Decor (2) (Medium)Decor (3) (Medium)

Just a few of the decorations that we hung up and the front room blinds that David hung up.We decided that my nooks need some greenery pretty badly and then we’ll go from there. I’ve always loved how people make their nooks look so good but this is new for me and I think it’s going to take some time to get it right. But we got Gabriel’s picture up which made me very very happy. I missed seeing his smiling face everyday.


Last night after all the work we had done mom and Audrina left and then we got ready to go to the Hogwarts night at the Elementary school. This is a fundraiser for the school like the carnival Syringa Elementary does but I loved how organized it was. They sold tickets online with their blog and a paypal link. So I was able to get online and by all our “Gallions” and meal tickets. It was much easier to keep track of who had how many “Gallions” left to spend. There was candy to buy and wands, Weasley Wizard toys and Halloween toys. Then they had stations set up that didn’t cost anything but where the kids could do an activity or learn something. They learned how to make slim and we went to look at the stars through some huge microscopes but they kids were too cold outside in their costumes and didn’t want to wait in line. There was also a Hogwarts library and Quidditch room which we didn’t have time to go into. And right before we left they all got put into house’s with the sorting hat. All our kids were in Ravenclaw except Madison who got put in Slitheren we kept telling her we weren’t surprised since she’s so conniving and clever.

The place was absolutely packed but the kids had fun.

Hogwarts Party (2) (Medium) Hogwarts Party (4) (Medium)

These costume’s are not their real costumes all the girls wanted to be Witches because the theme was Harry Potter. But Isaac is going to be Iron Man for Halloween. We just thought it’d be easier not to deal with the mask at the school so he went as Tony Stark.

Hogwarts Party (1) (Medium) Hogwarts Party (6) (Medium)Hogwarts Party (7) (Medium) Hogwarts Party (8) (Medium)


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