Monday, September 12, 2011

Mostly For My “Journal”

So today has been “one of those days” minus the great lunch I had with a wonderful friend. 

It really had the chance to start out great the kids got ready and off to school with minimal fighting and were even early again. Then, I went back to sleep (mistake). I dreamed that Isaac was jumping on my bed and asking for snacks and I was still sleeping and knew in my mind that it was about 10ish. The dream was absolutely so real. I woke up (still dreaming) and asked Isaac what he was doing home. He said he went to recess then decided to just come home instead of going to class. Then I remember thinking how urgent it was to get up and get him to school but the next thing that was happening was I was woke up again (still in the dream) and there were about 50 Kindergarteners walking around outside. They had come to get Isaac who had decided to skip and I was still in bed sleeping when I knew I had to get him back to school. Needless to say when I finally woke up for real from my dream world I was already in a panic about being late somewhere or something. When in all actuality everything was fine.

Then the phone rang and it was my Realtor sounding nervous and pessimistic. It all boils down to the fact that our realtor and our lender are trying to be very careful in giving us too much optimistic information so that if the worst ever came into play we are prepared. We are still waiting on lending approval and our time frame for our earnest money to be refundable was going to be up tomorrow. So we needed a change on the contract for the earnest money to be refundable longer. The 14 days they originally gave us to get our funding approved was not realistic and we still have to got through Rural Housing. So we asked for the extension and they didn’t want to give it, feeling like that left us wide open to back out since we’d have nothing to lose.  This all of course took all day with several phone calls to just get this much figured out.  Also rural housing has a few rules that we’re unsure how we’ll fit into their criteria so our lender didn’t want us losing our earnest money before we had a yes from rural housing. We did have a yes from their automated system but we’ll still have to go through a regular underwriter.  And they didn’t want to risk our earnest money if that underwriter decides against us.

So tonight at about 4:30 my realtor calls and said he miss read the contract and our 14 days for our earnest money to be refundable is actually up today at 5PM not tomorrow. So we’re scrambling to get a cancellation document signed and sent in, just incase the seller refuses to give us the extension so we don’t lose all our earnest money. Then at the last possible minute after I’ve been on my knee’s praying for an immediate answer David says we’re not canceling. I called my realtor and told him and he was really surprised because we have a good chunk of cash riding on this decision and if we canceled now we’d get it all back and I guess we could start over with the same house under a new contract. So I explain to him (our realtor) who is not LDS that we’ve prayed about it and feel like we need to have faith that our feelings that this is the house for us are correct and things will all turn out for the best. Even if rural housing were to decline our loan and we lose the earnest money we will know that our Father in Heaven is directing us where he needs us to be. We are still hoping that since our realtor went to bat for us to the seller and explained in great detail that we will not be backing out unless we don’t get the loan. Also that we’re willing to put a portion of our earnest money on the table to be non-refundable but we’d like to be able to get the rest back if the loan doesn’t go through. That way he feels like we’ll be losing something too if we were to back out. So maybe we’ll still get that extension if our seller has a heart at all. We are always hoping that all this worry is for nothing and in the end it’ll all come together.

So although several of my readers don’t want us to leave Pocatello we could use the prayers right now that things all go through and that we’re not out a house and our $2000.00 earnest money. We’re totally going on our faith that all will be fine either way.

In the future I hope this post reminds me what a headache it was and how it was meant to be for us to get this house. Or (if we don’t get it) that we are still not seeing what Heavenly Father has planned for us and we need to be more cautious and listen more carefully.


  1. oh my Heck. Funny about Isaac. Madning with the house. It made me remember how much a headache it really is to buy a house.

  2. Oh Amy that is so frustrating!! I will pray for your family. As much as we want you to stay here you deserve to be together and start your new life in Utah!