Saturday, September 24, 2011

Going away party…

So last night we had a great going away party with some wonderful friends. We were sad that Jen Jeppsen who planned the whole thing got the flu bug yesterday and was unable to attend. But we’re so thankful to her for planning something so we could enjoy the company of some amazing people we will really miss when we leave.  We’re also very thankful to The Eddie’s for hosting the party at the last minute when Jen got sick. There were eight couples we missed and hope to be able to visit with before we go.

Several people brought desserts and we visited upstairs and played XBOX Kinect downstairs. The Kinect ended up being a lot of fun with everyone willing to jump in and try something new. We laughed a lot and had a great time just visiting and hanging out. It was so much fun we were wondering if we should do it again next Friday. Not as a going away party but just a fun adult get together.

Anyway thank you to Jen and Megan for putting it together and thank you to all who came, we’re so thankful for all our friends in this amazing ward and we’ll miss you all so much.

Sorry for the blurry pics I forgot to change my settings to sports mode.

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Ashton was our boxing champ all night until until his dad beat him then he demanded a rematch. David Ferrara got the best Javelin throw of all time 117 yards. Jared Scow got the best Long Jump score by .02. Jappy really loves to sprint, Lol!! Overall it was a great evening..

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