Thursday, September 1, 2011

Girls First Day of School

Today we all got up at 6AM and started getting ready for the first day of school. The kids were all ready to go at about 7:15. I wish they could be ready that soon for the rest of the year but we all know that’ll never happen.

Katie was nervous and said she felt queasy. She is starting middle school today and will attend middle school for a month and then go back to elementary school until next year. Here in Pocatello the 6th grade goes to Franklin Middle School in Utah the 6th grade still goes to elementary. She is worried about finding the right bus after school so I guess we’ll wait to see if she makes it home on time or if she misses the bus and I have to go get her. I’m sure she’ll be fine but it’s always scaring going to a new school.

Katie 1st day of middle school (2) (Medium) Katie 1st day of middle school (5) (Medium)

Madison is going into Mr. Delonas 4th grade class this year. Several of her friends and her very best friend are not in her class so she’s a little bit bummed but I think it’ll be good for her to make new friends and be out of her comfort zone a little bit. She already shed her first few tears this morning when she missed lining up with her class outside. She would’ve been fine except the bells weren’t working and Mr. D took he class in before all the other 4th grade classes. I took her up and she’ll be fine the rest of the day I’m sure.

Madison 4th Grade (1) (Medium) Madison 4th Grade (3) (Medium)

Jenna is just so excited and I know she’ll do great. Jenna adapts to change very well and just goes with the flow and makes friends everywhere she turns. She once again got the brand new teacher this year. Every year she’s gotten the teacher that is new to Syringa and we’ve been thrilled with them all.

Jenna 2nd Grade (1) (Medium) Jenna 2nd Grade (5) (Medium)

Isaac doesn’t officially start school until next Wednesday so I’ll take first day of school pictures of him then. But as we were leaving the school to come home he said “well mom it’s just me and you now, I guess that means it’s mommy movie day”. I started mommy movie day last year so I could cuddle my boy and have some one on one time with him while the girls were at school. We would cuddle up in my bed and he’d pick a movie to watch and sometimes I made it through the whole movie and sometimes I fell asleep but it must’ve had some impact anyway since he remembered that when the girls were gone it is “our” time. But things have changed a little since last year, I said ok what movie do you want to watch and he said well I think I’ll play Castle Crashers or Lego Pirates of the Caribbean and we’ll pretend it’s a movie and you can watch me play. My son is truly becoming a Saville child in more ways than just his name. So while he plays I’ll blog and read and enjoy watching him play without his sisters yelling at him. I’m sure going to miss him when he goes to school all day long.

Mom & Isaac (2) (Medium)

Girls 1st Day of School (1) (Medium)


  1. Bittersweet sending them to school! I've cried the first day of school-I guess that will be my tradition :) Have a great year~!

  2. Katie looks so grown up! Hope the 2nd day goes as well! Such cute girls!!

  3. Beautiful girls, Amy. And I hope Issac also had a great day at school. It was so fun to see you for a brief second at Artic Circle the other day.