Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gabriel’s Lily

So I don’t remember who gave this Lily to us when Gabie died but I wanted to thank them again and if you read my blog please remind me who you are.

I sent the Lily to Lava with my mom because I knew we’d be moving and I wanted it to be growing some place where it would always be remembered by our family and some place where I could move it from, once we had a place of our own to live again.

Today my mom sent me a picture of it. It is thriving on the farm and just as beautiful as it was the day it was given to me and it is still brining me joy in it’s beauty. Thank you to you who were so thoughtful in giving this to our family during a very difficult time and thank you to my wonderful mom for taking such good care of it for the past year.

I Love you all!

Amy's lyli that was given to her when Gabe died  (2)

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  1. I love lilies! It is beautiful. We wish you luck in your move!