Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fingernail Polish… “OH CRAP!”

So how many times have you been polishing your toe nails on your bed without a towel under you? I always tell my kids no fingernail polish anywhere but a hard surface and always put an old towel under you. So tonight I broke all my rules. Half way through my second foot.

Then I freaked out and immediately put some Acetone on it and it did nothing. Then for some crazy reason in my head I thought I’d once heard Hairspray removes fingernail polish so I soaked it in hairspray, still nothing. (Now that I’m thinking more clearly I think it was permanent marker that hairspray is good for). Next I got online and did a Bing search for “How to remove fingernail polish from clothes”. This is the first site I pulled up ehow.com

So then I used..


I soaked the comforter and scrubbed and the stain came right out, then I rinsed it in water put some stain remover on it (just in case there was some Acetone, Hairspray or Bug Spray left in the fabric) and threw it in the wash. I feel pretty confident that it’ll come out of the wash nice and clean. If it doesn’t I really wouldn’t be surprised if one of my initial ideas made things worse than they needed to be. But I already know that there is no big red streak on the comforter now thanks to the Bug Spray and Toothbrush.

Thank Goodness!


  1. Oh man! Don't you hate it when stuff like that happens?

  2. Hairspray is for pen. Glad the bug spray worked.

  3. Haha! That's funny! Don't know how many times I've gotten upset with the kids for doing things like that. I wonder why we parents think nothing like that will ever happen to us?!! So glad you got it cleaned up!