Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hogle Zoo

Yesterday we went to Hogle Zoo with Chet and Stacy and their boys. It was fun but very very HOT! We walked through all that was opened. All the Bear enclosures were closed for construction. They are redoing a lot of that area and it’ll be really nice when they are done. We did see everything else though. They have these new life like dinosaurs all over the zoo and really the kids and adults enjoyed them more than the rest of the Zoo. Isaac loved the T-Rex and Justin was a bit nervous but not that I blame him they all looked very real and the T-Rex was life size.  By the time we were done poor Clayton was so hot that he wasn’t very happy so his daddy took him through every mist and fan we walked past and then dipped his toes in the fountain at the entrance. It was hot but very fun to go through the zoo with family.

Hogle Zoo August 2011 (3) (Medium) Hogle Zoo August 2011 (8) (Medium) Hogle Zoo August 2011 (11) (Medium)Hogle Zoo August 2011 (4) (Medium) Hogle Zoo August 2011 (6) (Medium)  Hogle Zoo August 2011 (12) (Medium) Hogle Zoo August 2011 (13) (Medium)

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