Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Camping with Grandpa & Grandma

So last weekend Chet and Stacy invited everyone up to go camping. David and I didn’t really want to put the effort into finding our tent in the storage unit and going camping. We really just didn’t want to go. My mom on the other hand really wanted everyone there especially her grandkids. So on Friday mom came and picked up all my kids and took them with her to go camping. David and I had a very quiet evening to ourselves with a moving and sleeping in the next morning. On Saturday David and I left around 12 and headed to the campsite. They went us Strawberry Canyon which is close to Emigration Canyon in Cache Valley, just up the mountain from Bear Lake on one side and Mink Creek on the other side. It was a beautiful place to camp.

Although Katie quit disliked the porta potty,  she would hold her breath go a little then hold it while with her pants around her ankles hop to the door open it take another deep breath waddle backwards sit down and go some more. She did this several times just to get done and the lady outside waiting was laughing (at least that’s what Madison said). Madison had to go with Katie because she said Katie is scared of porta potty's.

When David and I arrived we visited, took the kids down to the creek to play and got eaten alive by mosquitos. The bugs were horrible and that made David and want to book it home. But we stayed and had a delicious dinner and watched Chet get a concussion and then headed home. When we felt good and entertained.

In the pictures you’ll see Mathew jumping a log well mom didn’t get a picture of Chet when he went over the log so she asked him to do it again. He lovingly obliged, when he went over he wanted to jump it like Matt had but he jumped too much and went straight over it with the front wheels straight up in the air and only the back wheels touching. At first we all worried the wheeler would fall back on him but luckily it didn’t. But in the process of falling off Chet hit his head really hard on the log they were going over. On Monday he was still dizzy so he went to the doctor and sure enough the had a concussion and needed to take it easy while his brain heals.. I’m so glad he was ok cause that could’ve when wrong in so many ways.

Well here are some pictures but most were taken by my mom. The scenery pictures David took.

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