Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August Swim trip to Lava

Today I got the kids ready and grabbed Melinda and Josh and we headed up to Lava for our yearly swim day. Mom, Alice and Bryan met us there. It was a great day.

The kids are all old enough that if I wanted to just sit and watch them play I could. Isaac was just tall enough to go down the big red slide and he LOVED it. He went down so many times I lost count. Josh, Katie and Madison were great sports to take Jenna and Isaac to the top, then Katie would go first then Jenna and Isaac and then Madison and Josh. That way someone was always with the littler kids. Katie and I swam over to the really deep end and practiced treading water and swimming. It was so nice to not have to worry about bottles, swim diapers & naps. I still miss Gabriel and I never want anyone to think I don’t but since I am now a mom without a baby I can’t complain about the perks that come with that stage in life. We really had a great time and I didn’t even get a sunburn. It was a little overcast and sprinkled on us but just a tiny bit and it made it so it wasn’t scorching hot. Also I decided it’s better to go a little later and stay a little later, you get more of the pool to yourself because people leave for dinner. We went from about 2 to 6.