Saturday, August 27, 2011

2548 S DELPHINIUM WAY, Saratoga Springs, Utah

Today we put in an offer on a brand new home in Saratoga Springs. The home has 4 bedrooms on the main level, it is a Rambler with an unfinished basement. It has 1788 Sq. Ft. up and down. It has several upgrades and if out offer is accepted which the builders realtor thought it would be then we’ll be getting pretty good deal. The house has a 3 car garage and the master bath has a tub and separate shower. The upstairs bedrooms are not huge but will do fine for the kids until we finish the basement. The front yard landscaping will be done before we move in. We will have to landscape the backyard. The view from the family room, kitchen and Master bedroom is of Utah lake and very beautiful. The view from the front of the house is of the mountains. We’re within 5 minutes of hiking/4 wheeler trails and also boating and playing at the Lake. We don’t have a 4 wheeler or a boat but that’s fine with us. The Elementary School is only 2 years old and  within biking distance but I’ll probably drive the kids. The Middle and High Schools are further away so the kids will be bused but the Middle School is also very new. There are two churches nearby so we’re not sure which one would be ours yet.

The house is the spec home and the only other home built is the model home. The house has a walkout basement and a slightly slanted back yard that David is already thinking of landscaping options. The lot is .23 arces and in a very nice neighborhood. We’re excited and hope by the middle of October to be all together as a family again. So keep your fingers crossed for us!
Summerhill House (1) (Medium)Summerhill House (2) (Medium)
Back of house from corner…                           Side of house and Madison’s head…
Summerhill House (3) (Medium)Summerhill House (4) (Medium)
Kitchen..                                                                Dining & Kitchen..
Summerhill House (5) (Medium)Summerhill House (6) (Medium)
Pantry..                                                 Family Room..
Summerhill House (10) (Medium)Summerhill House (11) (Medium)
Front of House two angles…
Summerhill House (12) (Medium)
Summerhill House (13) (Medium)
Side of house..                                                        Other side of house..
Summerhill House (15) (Medium)Summerhill House (16) (Medium)
Front Room..                                                         Desk in Kitchen..
Summerhill House (19) (Medium)Summerhill House (21) (Medium)
Looking left to right, stair wall, open to front room, closet, closet around corner and hallway to bedrooms.
Summerhill House (22) (Medium)Summerhill House (23) (Medium)
Opening from Master bed to Master Bath and View from Master Bedroom..
Summerhill House (25) (Medium)Summerhill House (26) (Medium)
Possibly Madison & Jenna’s Room…            Backyard..
Summerhill House (27) (Medium)Summerhill House (28) (Medium)Summerhill House (31) (Medium)Summerhill House (32) (Medium)
Side yard’s…
Summerhill House (33) (Medium)Summerhill House (34) (Medium)
Summerhill House (35) (Medium)Summerhill House (36) (Medium)Summerhill House (37) (Medium)Summerhill House (38) (Medium)
View from front of house two angles…

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  1. I hope it works out!!! Looks like such a beautiful house and a really nice place to live!!

  2. Good luck! It's always so exciting to move in and make the house YOURS. Let us know....

  3. Looks great! Hope everything works out!

  4. First of all, congrats on the new house! I hope it all works out. We live in Davis County and - therefore - won't live far from you. We will have to get together sometime.
    Second, I was just catching up on the angel blog. I read your post about your balloon release on Gabie's birthday. How come I never knew that his organ's were donated? That is SO SWEET! What a gift it is to see little Jack benefiting from the gift that only Gabe could give. I wish that was an option with Bennett.
    Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you and sending prayers and blessings your way . . .

  5. SUch a beautiful home!!! HOpe you guys got it.....and what nice views! YOur family totally deserves this home....and to be together again! I haven't been on here for a while to catch up....glad things are going well for your family. HUGS!!