Friday, July 15, 2011

Two Silly Stories

About Me:Aunt Amy and Paytin (2)

During the 1st week we were living here with Gary & Colleen I was getting ready to cook dinner. I decided it was going to be an easy dinner night and we were going to have chicken nuggets and tater tots. (Just FYI we’ve had a double oven at our house for the past 5 years) So I got the food out of the freezer put it on two separate cookie sheets and went to turn the oven on. I turned to the oven and stopped dead in my tracks, I looked up at Colleen and said (totally stumped and surprised) “Oh, I forgot you only have a single oven, how do I cook these together with only one oven?” She just started laughing at me and when she describes the look on my surprised and confused face it is comical. She then told me what I needed to do. Now just so I don’t sound totally dumb and spoiled I would’ve figured out how to cook them together in one oven I just hadn’t thought about cooking in a single oven for a long time.

About Isaac:Isaac's 5th Birthday 010

This all happened early this morning while I was still sound asleep so hopefully I get the humor across in my words.

Colleen came downstairs to get a shower before anyone else was up and needed the bathroom, but when she got to the end of the hall she noticed Isaac was up and getting dressed. He was out of his pj’s and just in him underwear riffling through his drawer with his back to the bedroom drawer. Colleen peeked her head in and whispered, so not to wake up Jenna and said. “Isaac do you need to use the bathroom before I get into the shower” Isaac hadn’t heard her and right at that moment stood up and turned around and then screamed! Colleen laughed a little and was surprised he hadn’t heard her and she asked him if she had scared him. He then said “Yes grandma you scared me and now I have to change my underwear because you made me pee in them” I’m sure this was said with a lot of attitude as well (he’s gotten quite a lot of attitude lately)

So I guess he did need to use the bathroom before Grandma got into the shower but he just didn’t make it in time.

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  1. Oh the Isaac story made me laugh OUT LOUD!
    and the stove... I've had those moments before. Like when we are so spoiled with DVR and then we go some place that doesn't have it I think "Oh good grief how do you people watch TV?" oh What a conveniant world we live in these days. :)