Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Fun & Friends..

So yesterday I spent the day looking at house plans and lots and etc.. My brain was mush and I was sick and tired of trying to find something that’ll work for us.  On Sunday I told the kids I’d take them swimming at Ross Park on Monday night. So at 8AM they were all dressed and ready to go. All day long they kept asking if it was time to go. So at 1/4 to 5 I got off the computer and we went swimming. It was great to get a break from the house hunting and to let the kids exert some energy. They saw some friends there and Josh, Sarah & Melinda went with us. They had a lot of fun and went right to bed when we got home without a fight. It was great for me to get out too and focus on my kiddos instead of the reality of our life in trying to find a place to live.

Today David told me to take a break from the house hunting since I’m kind of at a stand still anyway. So I slept in with the kids crawling in bed with me and watched them play Castle Crashers all morning. Then we went to Alameda Park and had a free lunch, where we ran into the Ferarra Family. The girls asked Audriana, Anna & Mariah to come play on the toys with them. So I took all 7 kids to play on the toys and we were there for about 2 hours when they asked to go home. I’ve never had that happen before. Then we brought their friends to grandma and grandpas to play in the water.  How I love that my kids have such wonderful friends from amazing families. 

The kids are all playing and I’m blogging with a Dr. Pepper, fresh peas from the garden & Sour Cream and Onion chips, what could be more relaxing. OK the spa could be more relaxing but what could be more relaxing that I can currently afford. I can think of nothing.  I hope everyone is having a great summer. We’ve had our ups and downs and as I watch the kids play I feel sad that a little adorable 2 year old isn’t running around with them but overall I’m very blessed to have all that I do. I’m truly thankful for my Heavenly Father giving me so much..

Summer fun 007 (Medium)

This is how to relax… Although they are all freezing since the water is straight from the hose.
(Left to Right) Isaac, Audriana, Katie, Jenna, Mariah, Annalisa & Madison

Also our sky is full of smoke today from a brush fire off of HWY 30.  The kids were worried Costco was on fire.

Summer 2011 042 (Medium) Summer 2011 044 (Medium)

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  1. love this picture- what a fun summer day. I love the fire comment too. My kids' were sure it was Costco too- and what would we do without our 1.50 hot dogs and chocolate dipped ice creams???!!!!