Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our Week in Lehi…

So last week we spent a week in Lehi with our amazing friends the Tolmans. They let us stay with them all week while David and Rich drove to training and I house hunted. Jenn was a great help in showing me around Lehi and looking at lots and houses with me. She also kept the kids when I spent all day Wednesday with a Realtor looking at homes. And no, I didn’t find anything that was worth putting an offer on. Everything needed quit a bit of work or had no yard space at all. I also talked to some builders and got information on building our home. We did find a plan that we like and land that we like. But nothing has progressed beyond that. We still have a lot of research to do and must get our finance’s in order to buy or build.

We did have a very nice week though. Jenn and Rich fed us and we visited with them. The kids all hit it off right away. Katie and Emma are about 3 months different in age they will both be turning 12 in the next 3 – 4 months. Madison and Hannah are only about a month different in age. Then Jenna is on her own, Isaac and Briant are about 6 months different in age and Joshua and Gabie would’ve been about 6 months different in age. But since our kids are so short Jenna and Briant played great together and Jenna also played with the older girls and Isaac and Joshua got along great and so did Isaac and Briant. They all put on a Little Red Riding Hood play and I’ll attached that later. They did a pretty good job and had a lot of fun doing it. It was great to see them all get along so well.

David and I are so thankful to Rich and Jenn for putting up with all of us this last week and we owe them a great big THANK YOU!!!

We also visited the Timpanogos Temple it is only about 5 – 10 min from where we want to live.

Mt. Timpanogos & Kids (5) (Medium)
Briant, Jenna, Madison, Hannah, Katie & Emma
Savilles & Tolmans 002 (Medium)

Saville & Tolman Little Red Riding Hood

We came home on Thursday and then went to see the Captain America movie. When we came out of the theatre Captain America was there taking pictures. The manager was really excited to see Isaac all dressed up.

Captain AmericasKids with Captain America


  1. That is so cute! I bet Isaac loved the movie!!

  2. Isaac is so cute! I love that little guy! I'm so happy he dressed up for the movie!