Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bikes & Birthday Brownies/Cakes

Today David rode his new bike with the kids and I got plenty of photos and video.

My Saville Bikers…

He then made his birthday brownie/cake. Now let me explain what the cake is… There is a game called Minecraft that David and the kids play all the time. In this game they build homes and cities and it all has to be done from scratch. Like if you need a pick axe to dig with you have to have first have wood then you build planks from the wood and sticks from the planks then you combine the sticks and planks to build a pick axe. It’s all very creatively complicated and somewhat educational. They really enjoy it, David says its like a virtual sandbox.

Anyway David’s cake is designed after this game. He drew the design out in the game then printed a pattern out to follow for the actual cake. We were concerned that regular cake would be too heavy to build with because there are 9 layers one on top of the other to create the 3D cake. So Dad (Gary) decided that maybe brownies would be easier to stack and build with. So that’s what David did, although now he thinks a heavy cake would still be better because the brownies are too thin. He’ll try again in November for Katie’s birthday because she’s requested a Minecraft cake too.

My sweetheart is a little crazy and had some very unique ideas but he is definitely very creative and I’m proud of him.

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  1. Pretty creative. I'd recommend pound cake--that stuff is so dense (and delicious) it would probably do great.
    Happy Birthday, David!