Saturday, June 11, 2011


We took our frustration’s out on a laptop, David and I started it then Jenna finished it off…

Destroyed Laptop(Medium) (1) Destroyed Laptop(Medium) (2)

David brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers when I had a really stressful day over moving, renting, yard selling, packing, Gabriel and on and on and on…

Flowers From David (Medium) (2) Flowers From David (Medium) (5)

We had a successful yard sale today with mom and dad Saville and Richard and Melinda. We made $150 and got rid of a lot of things we don’t want to move.  Then we came home and had s’mores and cleaned the house up together. Tonight David and I are taking Ben out to a movie since he is moving out next week and a week from Monday will be flying to Basic Training for The National Guard in Fort Sill, Oklahoma. We’ll miss him a lot but are so very proud of him for wanting to serve for our countries freedoms.

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  1. Oh, moving is not a fun time, especially when there's more emotions going into the move than even just the move!! Good luck!!