Sunday, June 5, 2011

Paytin Ann Rae Egley

So baby number 2 is here for the Egley clan. On June 2nd Paytin Ann Rae Egley was born. She was 4lbs 5oz and 17.5 inches long. She was breathing a bit fast and was very small she went straight to the NICU. She is doing well there though,  she’s eating breast milk her mama is pumping and she has been moved to a bed that means she’s doing better. Sativa was released yesterday so they had to endure the trail of leaving you baby behind and going home without it. I’ve done that once when my child came home a week later and once when my child never came home, it’s not easy either way. The doctors are thinking she’ll be in the NICU for about 2 weeks then they’ll allow her to go home. Once she ‘s eating really well and gaining weight and all that stuff. She is beautiful and has the look of her daddy right now. She has lots of blonde hair, which I’ve never seen before. All my kids who were born with blonde hair were almost bald. Paytin has a lot. I’ll have to get another picture of her with her hat off.


Audrina stayed with us 2 nights while her mom was in the hospital and she is such a joy to have. She is adorable, she sings everywhere she goes and she’s talking really well. I took her and bought her some new sparkly summer canvas shoes. It was fun to buy such ting little girl shoes again. My girls are getting so big.


After this weekend David and I did confirm an idea though. Since Gabe died we’ve wondered if we made the decision for David to have a Vasectomy too soon. We wondered if we were supposed to have another baby. We’ve both been baby hungry at times in the last 11 months. But after seeing Bryan and now Paytin enter into our Egley family we’ve felt no drastic desire to have another baby. We have not decided that we were just craving Gabriel, not another baby. Another baby would never fix the ache we have for Gabe and now we understand that more than we did before. I guess it just takes time right…

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  1. Such a sweet tiny baby!! I've wondered what you guys decided about having another baby. Reading the Sullengers blog helped me understand a little better that the new baby wouldn't take away the sadness. You still have 4 lovely children and you'll always miss Gabie. That new little niece will be really fun to snuggle though!!