Sunday, June 19, 2011

Busy that is our Life…

We’ve had so much going on this month, it’s crazy. I’m sure we’ll all breathe a sigh of relief when June is over. It started on the 5th with Ben’s 18th Birthday and David and I’s 13th anniversary. The next weekend was Ben’s Elders ordination and a dinner afterward. This weekend we drove to Soda Springs to take part in the Blessing of Bryan Grant Egley and next weekend we’re moving.

On Thursday the 16th my moms brother and my Uncle Gary Easter lost his battle with cancer. He passed away close to 2PM in the afternoon and my mom was there for the kids and has been helping as much as she can with the funeral details. I’m so sad for my cousins and aunts and uncles and the heartache I truly understand from losing a loved one so close to your heart. I hate that anyone has to suffer that, I know that every person handle’s it differently and that every situation is not the same but the hurt is always there and takes so long to lessen and never really goes again completely. I’m putting together a video of photos and music for them and I will post it when the funeral is over. The funeral will be on Tuesday the 21st at noon at the Arimo Idaho Horsley Funeral Home. Then he will be laid to rest next to his father in the McCammon Cemetery with full Military Honors.

Yesterday Paytin Ann Rae was able to come home. She was in the hospital for two weeks and two days after she was born. She came home last night just in time for Father’s Day today. I know her daddy adores her and her mommy too. They are so excited to have her home where they can cuddle her and love her. She’s still not quite 5lbs so they are being very cautious with people washing their hands and being healthy to see her. I think that is very wise of them to protect her from being readmitted to the NICU. We did stop and see her yesterday and I got to hold her. She’s so tiny I totally felt like I would break her if I moved wrong. She is so adorable and looks like her daddy the most but I see her momma in her too.

Tomorrow is Ben’s last day here, he will go to a hotel tomorrow night and then be shuttled to the airport Tuesday morning to go to Fort Sill Oklahoma for Basic Training. We’re unsure on the exact dates that he’ll be gone but it’ll be close to Thanksgiving before he comes home. We can only write letters to him so we’ll have to start doing that. I’m very proud of him and know he’ll do very well.

Sorry this whole post is kinda rambling but that’s how my thoughts lately seem to be. We are in the process of moving and packing. The plan is to pack the house up and move it into a storage unit. Then move into Gary and Colleen’s Basement. Then hopefully either buy or build a house in Lehi, Ut. I’m struggling with the packing. I don’t want to pack Gabriel’s things. I don’t want to have the idea of leaving this house where I held him last be real. I’m really having a hard time thinking about leaving the physical part of my memories of Gabriel. I know it may sound strange because I’ll always have the memories and the videos and photos. But I can still see him dancing around our family room and I’m sad to leave that place where he danced. I hope I get a huge burst of energy tomorrow and get a lot packed and can focus on other things. I know I’ll sob when we leave for the final time but I just need to get to that point and then go from there.

Well I have some pictures to put in too, there is one of Ben sleeping while waiting on mom and i , then some from Hooper Springs where we took the kids yesterday after the blessing. None of them liked the Hooper water. Then some from Trail Creek Lodge where the blessing was. It was very beautiful there.


  1. It has been a crazy busy month for you! Good luck with the packing. It was hard for me as well to move from the house where we had lived with Caydin his whole life. Ugh! You will be in my thoughts and prayers during this time!!

  2. I moved nearly two years ago from the house I lived in for 27 years. It's where I raised my children and my daughter passed away there. I experienced all of those emotions that you mentioned. The decision to sell, then the actual sell, buying a new house, and the move were all very stressful moments. My husband and I sobbed when we left. But we went to our new house and have been just fine. I've never looked back with regret. Good luck to you and your family in your move. Utah is wonderful!!