Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bitter Sweet Reunions

Today was one of those bitter sweet reunions between family and friends. Today we met at Horsley’s Marsh Valley Funeral Home for the Memorial Service of my Uncle Gary R. Easter. It was a beautiful service, my Dad conducted, Uncle Gary’s children shared some special memories and there was a wonderful musical performance. We all cried and laughed a little at some old stories. I was honored to be asked to offer the closing prayer and put together the slideshow I posted in my pervious post.

After the memorial service we followed the Hurst to the Norton Cemetery in McCammon where Uncle Gary was laid to rest. He received full military rights which always gives me chills and touches my heart. I’m so grateful for all the men who serve our country and especially for my many family members who are serving now and have served in the past.

We then went to the McCammon LDS Church House and had a nice lunch together. It is so nice to see so many cousins together and we always wish it was under better circumstances. One day we’ll get a family reunion together and all meet for a fun reunion instead of a sad one. Out of the 20 Grandchildren of my Grandparents Fred and Dorothy 13 of us were able to attend, 2 have passed on to prepare the way for Uncle Gary and 5 were unable to attend. It was great to be able to see all of them and made us all remember the times when we were young and loved playing together, now our children run around playing games. It’s so nice to see the next generation playing.

I know for my cousins who said goodbye, for a time, today to their father a lot of tears and heartache are still ahead. I pray that they will find peace and comfort in knowing he’s better now and with family who loves him dearly. I know how hard it is to let go, and really you never completely let go but, to have those loved ones always in your thoughts and prayers is still very hard and to  miss them for such a long time. I hope they lean on each other and on me and the rest of our amazing family if they need it.

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