Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Birthday/Anniversary/ House no longer for sale

Today my youngest brother Ben, turned 18 so now all my siblings and I are legal adults. It’s weird to think of my mom not having children at home anymore. Well just a little weird since Ben moved into my house she hasn’t had children at home but he was still a child under her care legally so not it is more real.  Then in 15 days he’ll really be on his own as he ships out to Fort Sill Oklahoma for Basic Training. I’m sure when he comes back he’ll be a whole new man.

Ben's 18th Birthday 012 (Medium)

Also today is David and I’s 13th Wedding Anniversary. We have been through a lot in 13 years. We’ve changed jobs several times, we’ve been close to me going back to work hoping to make ends meet, we’ve lost a child, we’ve lived apart for a year and 9 months except for the weekends. We’ve learned a lot as well, we’ve learned that Heavenly Father listens and answers prayers daily, we’ve learned how to grow and let our Testimonies and Faith grow with us, we’ve learned that the answers aren’t always there but if we have faith they will come, we’ve learned that we are truly blessed and loved and have and amazing family that helps us at every turn. We’ve learned to love so much more deeply than we ever knew how to before. We’ve learned to Trust in Heavenly Fathers plan for us, even if we don’t understand it.

I think of David and the person he is the man he is and I wouldn’t ever have wanted to go through this life without him by my side. He is my eternal companion and I can’t imagine dealing with and learning so much with anyone but him.

David, Sweetheart I LOVE YOU!!!


Also yes to those who are wondering we are leasing our house for 1 year to 18 months. We have renters already in the process of signing a lease agreement. We talked about it and decided this is an answer to both our prayers.


  1. What a lovely couple! I don't think you could have gone through your trials without each other! You're an example to so many! I'm happy you have found a solution that will allow you to be together as a family again. I know it's probably hard to trust that it will work out but I think it is a good situation for both of you and they will be really good renters. I know there are horror stories, but I really think it will help both of you out! Love you and we'll miss seeing your faces at church but at least we can read your blog and keep in touch!!

  2. I'm so sad ;( It will be so hard to see you go. But I am also so happy that your family will be together. You'll have great renters too.

  3. Happy anniversary! Congrats on the lease of your home! I'm excited that you will be able to have your hubby all the time now! We'll have to get together when you guys get moved down and settled in!!