Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ben is off

Last night Mom and Dad took Ben & Sam out to dinner one last time before Ben left today for Basic Training. I took all my kids and crashed their dinner. We all went to Texas Roadhouse and had a nice meal together. Then we came back to my house where dad gave Ben a very nice Father’s Blessing before he left today.

Today I texted Ben as I was driving from Uncle Gary’s memorial service to the cemetery. I asked him “How are you doing?’ his response was “I feel sick I’m just getting on the plane in Salt Lake” Me “I Love you you’ll be fine hang in there” Ben “Thanks sis. I’ll text you when I land in Oklahoma” Me “ok” Then when he got to Oklahoma he said “Just landed talk to you later love you” After talking to him the first time I told mom what he said and she broke down in tears. I know she’s worried about him and proud of him all at once. She knows he’s all grown up but also he’s still her baby and now he’s on his own. She really had to deal with a lot today bury her brother and sending her son to National Guard Basic Training.  She’s one tough lady though I know she’ll handle it all like a trooper.

Anyway Ben is now in Oklahoma waiting for his bus to pick him up to take him to Fort Sill. We’re texting right now and he said there are a lot of troops there and the buses have to take them I separate groups. He’s met some people from North Carolina and a girl from Tennessee he says they are all as nervous as he is. That’s good so they can become friends and all bond together, he’s not alone he’s just meeting new friends who understand how he feels. I’m so glad that we were able to all go to dinner last night and say our goodbyes. I know he’ll do great and I’m a proud big sister.

Isaac was saying he didn’t' want a picture with Madison…
dinner with ben 001 (Medium) dinner with ben 002 (Medium)
Jenna is between mom and dad but you only see the top of her head until we told her to look, and Madison ate too much yummy steak…
dinner with ben 003 (Medium) dinner with ben 004 (Medium) dinner with ben 007 (Medium)
Isaac wanted to sit with Grandpa and chat when he was done eating.. A half of a family photo…
dinner with ben 008 (Medium) dinner with ben 010 (Medium)
Sam, Ben, Mom and Dad and then just Sam & Ben…
dinner with ben 011 (Medium) dinner with ben 012 (Medium)

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