Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Katie has been working on her 5th grade State report. She got the information on her own and completely wrote her first draft all by her self. Then her final draft took a little bit of typing help from mom just to finish up. She did have all week to work on it but since David and I were out of town and she was being shuffled from house to house everyday she didn’t have much time. So Sunday night we finished the final draft and realized that we had until Wednesday night to finish her float for the 5th Grade State Parade on Thursday. So we asked Grandma Egley to come and help because she is so talented with painting and we began on Tuesday at 4PM. At 10PM I sent Katie to bed and mom and I finished the final touches. Then today Katie and I attached streamers and put it on the wagon. Then we got her Engineer costume all ready. Tomorrow I’ll add more pictures of the parade. We’re praying for nice weather at least while we walk the float to the school and during the parade.