Saturday, May 14, 2011

Las Vegas Day’s 4& 5 and on our way home…

So to finish my vacation update here we go..

On Wednesday I got up and went to Canyon Ranch Spa Club, where I received an amazing 50 minute massage and sat in the sauna and took a little nap in the women's relaxation room. It was an awesome experience and if they’re website was a little more specific on what to expect I would’ve planned to spend my entire day there enjoying all the different rooms and services available for the fee I had already paid. Instead a friend and I set out to visit the temple. We had planned on leaving around 2PM but we missed the shuttle that took us to my hotel and had to change our clothes and things. By the time we got there it was about 5:30PM and it was about 45 minutes from the strip. We also discovered on the way that Xochi had left her recommend at her hotel. I think we were meant to to though, after getting there the records person okayed Xochi to come in without her recommend and we went to do a very few sealing's since we had to get Xochi back to the strip by 7:30PM for a concert. We were accepted into a sealing session and the sweet people there allowed us to go first. We each got to do to wife sealing's and a daughter sealing. Then they showed us to the Celestial room. A wonderful friend of mine said it was the most beautiful celestial room she had  every seen. When we walked in my breath was taken away she was right. Tears came to my eyes and I was overcome with the wonderful spirit there. I know that my Gabriel was there to see me and I felt his love so strongly along with my Heavenly Father who saw fit to make sure I had this wonderful experience. A little matron put it so plainly and perfectly when we told her why we were in town she said. “The spirit in the Temple is quite different than on the strip” boy that say’s it all.  The day was wonderful and that night when I got back David and I had a simple dinner and relaxed.  I even drove the strip without any accidents or getting lost, I was proud of my mad driving skills.  Really it wasn’t too bad of traffic I was just nervous about being in a new place on my own.

Thursday was our last day at the conference, I had a morning farewell breakfast where I got emails and contact info for new friends and David went to his last few classes. I spent the time between breakfast and when David was done we walked 2 miles to the New York New York and then took the shuttle to Mandalay Bay so we could go to the Shark Reef Aquarium.  It was fun and we were exhausted by the time we got back to the hotel. It was really warm on Thursday and we walked quite a ways. We had dinner that night at Tahiti Joe’s (the restaurant at our hotel) then we enjoyed the hot tub and got ready to head home in the morning.

Friday we left Vegas at 8AM and had a very uneventful drive home. We stopped in Nephi for some lunch and got stuck behind a large cheer squad with Utah Utes uniforms. They looked like high school kids but had those uniforms that made us wonder if they were college kids and we were just getting really old. Then we also stopped in Brigham City for a Black Walnut Shake from Peach City and took a picture of the temple construction there.  We made it home by 6:30 and have been lazy ever since. We’re taking a vacation from our vacation this weekend.  We’re so glad to be home enjoying the kids though and we’re glad we got the chance to go.

Mirage Volcano & Mandalay Bay Aquarium

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  1. I'm so glad you went. What a wonderful experince in the temple. I'm glad you got home safely!