Thursday, May 26, 2011

Isaac Makes Me Laugh…

This morning Isaac is on a roll saying things to make me laugh.

(Ben walking downstairs after I asked him to move his truck so I could get the van out. He’d been asleep since last night was his Senior all night party, he had lines on his back from his blankets)

Isaac: Mom Uncle Ben has red lines on his back
Me: Yep
Isaac: (worried) We’re they whipping him?!!
Me: (laughing) No sweetheart no one was whipping uncle ben
Isaac: But, then what are the red lines from from

So I explained. He also thought uncle Ben was really funny for moving his truck with no shirt, shoes and thought that his shorts were underwear. He said “Mom uncle Ben is crazy for moving his truck in hi underwear”

(We’re driving to the back and we pass an Animal Control truck)

Isaac: Mom they put dogs and cats in there, huh?
Me: Yep
Isaac: How come?
Me: They put animals who don’t have families in that truck
Isaac: That’s really sad for those poor dogs…

Me: Isaac your dang cute
Isaac: what is dangcue?
Me: I said D.A.N.G C.U.T.E
Isaac: Oh, well I’m not dang cute right now but I will be when we get home.

I Love the funny things he says he always makes me smile.

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