Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 2 & 3 Las Vegas

So we’ve been very busy yesterday and today. Yesterday David got up early and met Bob to go to the EMC Conference. I got up a little later and made my way to The Palazzo to meet the Spousetivities Coordinator. We had a breakfast of fruit and muffins and I met some great new friends. They did a drawing first thing and I was lucky enough to win an iPad. Crazy thing is David tried last year to win one and he didn’t then I won on the first attempt.Then we paired off and went our separate ways. I met Brook from North Ogden, Xochi from Brentwood CA, Mira who was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro but married a man from Norway and now lives there. Later on Denise from Ohio also joined us. We went to The Shoppes at The Palazzo, The Venetian & Caesar’s Palace. We also went to M&M World and The Coke store. At the Venetian we saw a little show with Italian singers and jugglers in the Time Square. We walked a lot!!! We ate a late lunch at The Cheesecake Factory( it was delicious, but I was so full I didn’t have dessert, I know that is blasphemous so no one needs to tell me) then we headed back to our hotels to get ready for dinner with our spouses. David and I hurried as quickly as we could to our room changed and headed right back to the strip. We met Xochi and her husband Nathan and we watched the Treasure Island Show, then wondered through Caesar’s Palace to kill some time then watched the Volcano at  The Mirage and then watched the Fountains at the Bellagio. We then met up with Brook and Paul, Denise and her Fiancée, Judd (a friend of Paul’s from EMC) We went to eat Dinner at Delmonico’s Steak House. The food was delicious and worth the price at least once. We then headed back to our Hotel and crashed for the night.

This morning was a little less eventful but still a lot of walking. David left earlier today to get breakfast before the conference started. I also got up earlier than yesterday and was ready early enough to eat breakfast by myself at the Denny’s in our hotel before catching the shuttle to the strip. I went straight to the Palazzo and med up with new ladies for a tour of The Hoover Dam. Today I met Kimberly Stagner from Richmond Virginia and Denise from Michigan.  I spoke with Kimberly most of the day today. She is very sweet and like every other woman I’ve meet I’m glad to have met them and made a new friend. We were gone from 10:15AM to 3:30PM. We saw the Hoover Dam, it was an amazing structure and hard to believe how it could’ve been built so many years ago and done so well. It was a great sight to see. On our way back we stopped by Ethel M Chocolate Factory. Ethel  M the M stands for Mars like the Mars candy makers. She was their mother. I bought some special chocolate for David and I since I got M&M’s for the kids at M&M world yesterday.  When I got back to the Venetian I met David and we came back to our Hotel to relax a bit. We’re both so tired of walking around and being out. It’s been really nice to just sit here in the quiet with my husband and enjoy him.

We are enjoying ourselves and thinking about possibly coming back in August for the VM Ware Conference if things work out that way. We’d love to have Michael and Sherry join us since Michael would enjoy the VM Ware conference as well. I guess we’ll see what happens.

Here are the pictures we’ve taken so far… Enjoy!

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  1. I'm so glad that you went! Vegas is so fun! See you soon!