Thursday, May 26, 2011

Congratulations Benjamin!

Tonight attended the graduation of my baby brother Benjamin Fredrick Egley. He graduated from Marsh Valley High School where all us siblings, and our parents have graduated from. I was the first child to graduate there and he is the last.  We’re all very proud of him.

Among us tonight there was Dad, Mom, Chet, Jared, Sativa, Alice & Baby Bryan, Me and Katie. Mathew had to work and Stacy’s little brother Dusty also graduated tonight from his Weston High so she and Chet had to split up. Congrats to Dusty too! Also David is in Utah of course and there weren’t enough tickets to bring all my kids.

Mom is using my camera tonight at the all night party so I’ll have to add pictures later but for now here are the two video clips I have. One when Ben receives his diploma and the other is the very last Jazz Band performance for the graduating seniors. Ben is the one in the Jazz glasses on the trombone.

Ben and Jazz Band Graduation Performance
Receiving Diploma

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