Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our Weekend…

We had a very nice weekend, the only thing that could’ve made it better was having David home. But we have wonderful family who spent time with us so we wouldn’t be lonely.

On Saturday Isaac, Jenna and I watched the morning session of  General Conference together and then we picked up the house and went to Richard and Melinda’s. Then I left Jenna and Isaac there while I came home to do a 2nd showing to a family very interested in the house. They were interested enough to bring a tape measure and get an idea of how much putting in new windows would be, replacing the drive way and whether or not they could get their new washing machine and dryer in the Garage door and down the stairs. Other than them pointing out a leak from the downstairs shower into the bathroom closet that we didn’t know about and now need to fix it went well. Now, no one get too excited because nothing is serious and final until all is said and done and we’re moved, but it was nice to see some definite interest in our home and regain the hope that we may be able to live all together after all.

After the showing I went back to Richard and Melinda’s and spent the evening with their family until around 6:30 when we all traveled to my house and made some bread, put the little kids to bed and watched Twilight.

Today we got up, picked up Sarah and drove to Lava and spent the day with Mom. I’d say Dad, Ben & Jared too except they spent most of the day finishing their weekend project of getting Ben’s motor replaced in his truck. It was  huge job for them but they succeeded and he now has a much more reliable vehicle. I felt a little sorry for Sarah who came at Ben’s request and then had to spend the day with me, Mom and the kids, but she did get to see him a little.

Us girls listened to General Conference and snacked on homemade salsa and 7 layer dip. General Conference was very uplifting and nice to listen to with family. In between the morning and afternoon session we went up to the Cemetery to visit Gabie. We removed the winter flower pot and placed some fun pinwheels there for him. After the second session the kids went sledding even though they didn’t have their snow gear. They were frozen when they were done but they had a lot of fun. Even Sarah and Ben joined them for a little bit.

Ben got out his motorcycle also, which he's been dying to ride and showed off  just a little bit for Sarah. He even took mom for a little ride.

We can’t wait until next weekend when David comes home but we did have a nice time this weekend too.  Here are some photo’s from our weekend, I also have some of Katie and Madison and the crafts they did while at Grandma’s but Mom told me I wasn’t  allowed to post them cause she wanted to put them on her blog.

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  1. I never said you couldn't post them. Go ahead and post them. it's ok.