Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mother’s Ring

Yesterday on our way out of town we stopped by Samuel’s Jewelry and picked up my awaited Mother’s Ring. I picked it out and ordered it in February and since then have been dying to get it on my finger. I was very specific about what I wanted and how I wanted it. It is very simple but very perfect to represent my beloved children.

It is 14KT White Gold and all the stones are genuine. Although I never thought I’d like the stones once set, because we forget to think about Mother’s Rings when we get pregnant, I do love it.

Katie’s is first and it is a Citrine, then Madison is a Blue Topaz, Jenna is a Sapphire, Isaac is a Aquamarine and Gabriel is a Garnet. Then on the side I had them engrave “All Is Well”. It is beautiful and perfect.

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  1. Beautiful ring! I love that idea....then your lovely children are always with you!