Sunday, April 17, 2011

Little Brothers…

Well since the end of February my little brother has been living with us. He has been so nice to have around. I really do take advantage of having him here. I put him to work often with things David doesn’t have time to do on the weekends. This last week he put a new bike seat on Katie’s bike and a kick stand on Jenna’s bike. Then he built some shelves in my game closet so I could keep it organized.

He’s talked about moving into an apartment and I had to do whatever I could to convince him that was a bad idea. It really didn’t make much sense for him to move for one, but I also had a very selfish reason why I wanted him to stay here. He makes my day quite often and makes me smile when I’m sad. He gives awesome hugs and is naturally very loving. He’ll be leaving for Basic Training with The National Guard in June and I’m just so thankful for this time I’ve had to get to know him better. We never really lived together at home. There are 14 years between us and just when he was getting old enough to remember things I moved out. For a long time he truly thought I was his cousin because I lived with our Aunt in Inkom. I’ll miss him when he leaves, but I know he’ll learn so much and become an even better person than he already is.

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