Friday, April 1, 2011

In Loving Memory

This week has been a hard one but I’ve made it to Friday and although today had it’s sad moments it has truly been a wonderful day.

Today I was honored to attend a memorial service for my Great Uncle Bryce Egley.  I’ve been dreading it all week long since it’s the first memorial service I’ve been to since Gabie’s . But with the beautiful sunny day and the absolute most touching spirit that was there today I managed to do pretty well. There was a moment while following other family members into the chapel that a flood of memories and emotions came rushing back and I had a hard time gaining control, but my very loving and caring mother put her arm around me and told me think of Uncle Bryce and all my memories of him and remember he loved me and I’d be ok. I immediately put her advice into action and I’d like to share some things that brought me much joy.

My first memory of my Uncle Bryce was right after we moved up to the farm in Lava Hot Springs, I was about 5 years old. Uncle Bryce had come down from his fields up the canyon to help his brother Grant my Grandfather, harvest a Wheat field. I was excited by the combine and how big it was. Uncle Bryce must have notice and grabbed me up and took me for a ride with him around the field. I remember being up so high and seeing all the beautiful wheat below, I remember sitting on Uncle Bryce’s lap and he letting me have a turn steering. I was in heaven to be such a little girl doing such a big thing with a man that exuded pure love for everyone he met and at that moment it was me.

Uncle Bryce never left you with out a hug and a compliment and usually held your hand the whole time he gave that compliment. This man is truly a giant among men and I’m so grateful to call him family.

Also today as we drove to Mink Creek Idaho for the service I just couldn’t get over the great beauty of that valley where my Grandfather and his brothers and sisters were raised. It’s absolutely magnificent and a pure work of  my Heavenly Fathers hands. As we were leaving I took a photo of  the home where they were raised and where Uncle Bryce raised his family and lived with his beautiful wife Carlene. I don’t know when I’ll be up that way again but I’ll have this photo forever.

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