Saturday, April 9, 2011

Donor Recognition Ceremony

So yesterday at 2:00 PM we left for West Valley, UT for the Donor Recognition Ceremony. The drive there was rainy, snowy & sleet filled. We made it safe and sound although my neck muscles were a little tense from the drive. We went to Wendy’s and got some quick dinner then headed over to the Cultural Celebration Center where they were holding the Ceremony. When we went in we were directed to the quilts with the quilt squares for the donors on them. It was bitter sweet to see Gabie’s face among all those other donor heroes.

We then sat down to hear the program. About 5 minutes after we sat down while we were waiting for the program to start we heard a baby in front of us drop something. Katie reached down and picked up a brand new shiny Lightening McQueen Car and handed it to the baby. David and I both looked at each other thinking the same thing, that Gabe was there with us. What are the chances that that random child would bring that specific car to this ceremony. Crazy huh!!

The Ceremony began and there were 3 speakers and a musician who sang three songs she had written. The first speaker was a women who was a recipient of a bone in her neck that saved her life from a lot of pain and a poor life style. She spoke on the guilt that comes with being a donor recipient and also the great gratitude she has for her donor and all other donors out there.

The next speaker was a mother who had survived two sons and her husband. Her first son that she lost was a donor. She spoke on how her family celebrates his life and how they made the decision for him to be a donor and the feelings that go along with that. She and her family has meet the liver recipient of her sons and she spoke about that relationship a little bit as well.

The last speaker really spoke to David and I. She was a mother of a child that was a heart recipient. Her heartfelt thanks and her story about the process they took to get her daughters heart was very touching.  She spoke about their plans to meet the little boys family who was their donor and how his mother worries about holding on the the little girl and not wanting to let go. She also spoke about how that mother will be able to hear her sons heart beating on and living inside this little girl. That was very touching and made me think about someday meeting Jack and hearing Gabie’s heart beating strong inside this amazing little boy. That day will be bitter sweet I’m sure but amazing and very awesome.

After the speakers Karen Hannahs the Family Support Liaison from IDS spoke and introduced a slide show of all the hero donors. David and I hated the anticipation of seeing our babies face among all those donor faces but we are still so thankful for what he was able to do for sweet Jack.

The evening ended with a musical number by Nancy Hanson and then some light refreshments which we didn’t stay for. We headed right home and made it back safely  around 10:30PM.


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  1. That is a beautiful quilt! What a neat experience!!