Saturday, April 9, 2011

At 12:38AM I Turned 32….

Normally I wouldn’t post anything about my own Birthday but this morning the little kids decided to do something cute for me so I decided to post about that.

When I got up I wasn’t allowed out of my room or the bathroom where I was getting ready for the day until they gave me permission. Once they did this is what I found….

Then they yelled a big surprise and popped out from their hiding places…

Then they had 4 little plays that they did for me. Really the plays were silly fighting and goofing off but I had a good laugh and they were super sweet to try so hard to do something for their mom. I LOVE my kiddos!!!!

For the rest of my day David is going to make me Jalapeño marinated steak and Baked Potato Wedges and he’s out buying me a Cheesecake as well. The kids are going to do the dishes and keep the house picked up and then later on we’ll all watch the new TRON Legacy together. (Not my favorite movie but the kids are dying to watch it with their dad on the new Blu-ray disc). I’m sure all in all it will be a wonderful day with my favorite people. Minus the crappy weather of course.

And David brought me some beautiful flowers to brighten my day… I LOVE that man!!!

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  1. I can't believe you ya'll watched TRON Legacy!!!Dad bought it on Blu-Ray too.So far,for a girl that hates the first TRON,I can't stop watching it!!!I LOVE the computerized music!

    Well I love ya'll and remember,I'll always have you in my prayers.