Saturday, March 12, 2011

Katie is a Poet

Many Things

A poem is a poem, no doubt about that
as well is a girl a girl, or a boy a boy
But a blanket is not just a blanket
It can be many things.

It can be a tent to keep you dry
A cape to soar in the sky
A magic carpet that grants your 3 wishes
or a boat to sail the sea.

And a box is not just a box
It can be a spaceship to go to the moon
a car that wins every race
a robot that does whatever you say
and a rollercoaster that goes upside down

And paper it can be a beautiful painting for everyone to see
an airplane that soars so high
and even a hat to keep your head dry.

A poem is a poem, no doubt about that.


My name is not Tron,
and my name is not nerd,
my name is Dad.

my name is not love,
and my name is not kind,
my name is Mom.

My name is not polka dots,
and my name is not stripes,
my name is Katiedid.

My name is not anger,
and my name is not imaginary,
my name is Madi – Girl.

My name is not scrooge,
and my name is not playful,
my name is Jenna – Boo.

My name is not Batman,
and my name is not Robin,
my name is Izzy – D.

My name is not silly,
and my name is not crazy,
my name is Gabie – Baby.

Our name is not friend,
and our name is not team,
but we are although all of these things,
our name is family.

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