Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jenna learning to ride a two wheel bike…

Today it was a whopping 50* outside and not raining or snowing so, David took Jenna’s training wheels off per her request and we went to the school to start the lesson’s on riding a 2 wheel bike.

She did great it only took a few attempts after the initial instructions were given and she was doing it.  She fell a few times on the soft grass but didn’t cry and got right back up and was determined to do better. David and I were both impressed with her determination and excitement to accomplish this scary thing.

She’s still a little bit nervous to go on the concrete but she had so much fun that I’m sure with a little practice this week, by Spring Break starting on the 21st she’ll be flying up and down Grandma and Grandpa Savilles street with her sisters.

We also did some playing while we were out and of course I have to add pictures of all my cute kids.

And lets not forget my biggest kid, this was taken yesterday.


  1. Yahoo, Jenna! Camron learned, but I haven't gotten around to posting pics....looks like it's about time I do!

  2. Remember when we were teaching Laney to ride and he ran right into your curb ;) Ouch!

  3. YEAH JENNA!!! I love how they are so excited and fearless when they start learning to ride a bike.
    We look forward to another get together. You guys are the Greatest

  4. Yeah, way to go Jenna. They are all growing up to fast. looks like you had a fun day. David's mean face made me laugh.