Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Painting… Yes Again…

Well we’re planning to put our house officially back into the sellers market in March sometime, and since it’s been off for 6 months now I had to do some paint touch ups. The Downstairs bathroom was a bright blue and now it is a boring tan. I should’ve taken before pictures but I was sure I already had some from when I painted it. But after looking for them I can’t find them so you’ll just have to do with the after pictures. I also did some touch ups that were good and one that didn’t match so I’ll have to make some matching paint (cross my fingers) because the original is gone and I don’t want to repaint the entire stairwell. Anyway it is 2AM I just noticed and I am tired. I had a hard night last night and didn’t get a lot of sleep and the obviously tonight I won’t get too much so I better go.

Oh and by the way today I wanted to Wish Melinda a Happy Birthday I took her to lunch so I’m not as late as it seems and Jared and Sativa found out they’re having a baby girl. So now one girl, one boy and one not sure yet. I’m so excited to be and Aunt 3x more.

I also added a sweet picture of Katie sleeping and a picture of the Laundry room cupboards that Melinda helped me paint two weeks ago.


  1. Where are you guys planning on moving? Still around here, I assume?

  2. David is working in Utah and has been since September 2009 so we want to move down there.

  3. Oh, so he doesn't work at ON anymore? I hope you can sell and move quickly then if he is already working in Utah. That makes for a long commute. Fingers crossed for you.