Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jumping the Gun

So I know there are still 7 months and 8 days before Jenna’s 8th Birthday, but today I found this all white dress at Costco for $15.99. Who can pass that up, when I spent $30 to $40 on Katie and Madison’s Baptism Dresses..

What Do you think? Yes it’s a little big. I’m hoping she grows some in the next 7 months.

Jenna's Baptism Dress 001 (Medium)Jenna's Baptism Dress 002 (Medium)Jenna's Baptism Dress 003 (Medium)Jenna's Baptism Dress 004 (Medium)Jenna's Baptism Dress 005 (Medium)

The worst part is that Isaac’s Birthday is in 1 month and 11 days and I don’t have anything bought for him yet.

Also something cute Isaac said today.. We were out shopping and running errands. Isaac was getting tired of being out.

Isaac “Mom do we have just one more store to go to?”
Me “Yep just one more”
Isaac “Why do we have to go to all those stores”
Me “Cause today is my busy shopping day”
Isaac “Today isn’t our Mommy Movie Monday huh?”
Me “Nope today isn’t our Mommy Movie Monday. Do you like that day?”
Isaac “Yes, I wish today was our Mommy Movie Monday.”

I’m glad my boy likes to spend his Monday’s watching movies with his mommy. This is even after a huge melt down and a pretty big spank this morning. I guess he still loves me after he gets into trouble for not being a good host to his friends and not sharing his toys and then refusing to clean his room.  After a tiny nap in the car he seemed much better.


  1. I think it's great. smart shopping. and if we need to we can temporarly take it in a little. Good Job.

  2. Cute little Isaac! I love the dress and that is an amazing price! I like them long and you can't tell (at least in the picture) that it's too big. She'll grow a lot in 7 months! I think you're brilliant to get that done early. I'm always stressed about the baptism dresses. They're so stinking expensive!

  3. The dress is beautiful! And you cant pass up that price!

  4. Isaac is sooo sweet!! I love him! ANd I love Jenna's dress!! You are so lucky to have beautiful girls to dress up and doll all pretty!